Slip into fall comfortably and stylishly with the simplest, hottest DIY fall trends

Want to revamp your wardrobe and trend it up a bit? Do it for free with these ridiculously easy DIYs. Step on the trend wagon without blowing all your summer savings. Skip the mall and re-do your closet instead! With a few simple tricks, you can just as quickly transform things you already have into the coolest new trends for fall.


Update the classic style for fall with cool distressing. All you need is common kitchen tools to take an old jean jacket you've had forever from basic to badass.

What you need:

· Denim jacket

· Scissors

· Microplane

What to do:

Cut thin slits on shoulders, arms, and front and back of the jacket and slide microplane over front and back to create all-over distressing. Rip off the front pocket and rub microplane over edges then slide it across the collar and cuffs too. Wash and dry the jacket and trim any loose threads. Distressing will improve with wear.


You don't have to splurge on a new day-time bag this year. Update the faux leather backpack that was trending last year by adding matching fringe trim. It's an easy way to get in on fall's 70s trend.

What you need:

· Faux leather or suede backpack

· Fringe trim

· Hot glue gun

What to do:

Lay the backpack on flat surface facing up. Use hot glue gun to attach rows of fringe trim along the front of the bag. Let it dry completely before wearing. As easy as that!


Isn’t it all more the special when your jewellery and clothes represent things and messages that mean something to you? If ever in your life you have loved making trinket jewellery, then you will love this sweatshirt too!

What you need:

· Sweatshirt

· Scissors

· Patches

· Fabric glue or iron

What to do:

Try on the sweatshirt and mark where you want sleeves to end then turn it inside out and cut sleeves to desired length. Roll sleeves for a finished look. Arrange your favourite patches, ready-made or make them yourself with wash-proof material, on front of the sweatshirt and apply heat with an iron to attach, or use fabric glue if patches are not heat fusible. Let them dry completely before wearing.


If you're going to rock a new accessory this fall, make sure it’s a skinny scarf. Long and thin, think of it as more of a necklace that you can wrap loosely around your neck, or tie in a bow. The best part? You can make your own in literally two minutes using an old shirt.

What you need:

· Jersey tee

· Fabric scissors

What to do:

Cut a three to four-inch wide horizontal strip from the bottom of the shirt. Cut the ends apart on one side to create scarf. Jersey material will naturally role for a finished hem, but you can also use fabric glue to roll the hem in for a more finished look. Cut additional three to four-inch wide strips and knot or glue the ends together to create a longer scarf.


Add edge to an old pair of jeans with a studded trim.

What you need:

· Jeans

· Studded trim

· Fabric glue

What to do:

Instead of sewing on individual studs, use a studded trim and fabric adhesive for the same look without all the work. Cut trim into small triangles. Apply glue directly to the back of them then apply along the outside hem of your jeans, one section at a time. Let it dry completely before wearing.