MAG’s Top Picks of the Week!

The editorial always has an eye out for the most exciting accessories in the market. This time we bring you the most exciting autumn-inspired trendy items so you can welcome the seasonal change in style.

1- These falling-leaves earrings announce fall perfectly and stylishly.

2 - These rimless, diamond-cut sunglasses throw a subtle shade.

3 - Tribal jewellery resonates with the mystic fall air.

4 - This season, keep all your focus on eccentric pieces like trinkets.

5 - Whether auburn flowers or a statement gold leaf, aren’t fall ornaments just the perfect way to dress your locks?

6 - Accessories in gorgeous shades like olive green are ideal for in and out-of-the-season times.

7 - Let a light net scarf in burning red and orange hues keep you cozy.

8 - Why should your gadgets miss out on the seasonal celebrations?

9 - Slip into a cool orange suede heels to complete the vibe of your outfit.