Kiran Haq - Facing Herself!

In the end of the penultimate episode of the raging serial, Darr See Jati Hai Sila (DSJHS), when she walked in with her stilettos echoing in the hallway, thuk thuk, she performed like a woman scorned! She literally fired Noman Ejaz in front of the whole household! I felt Noman tensed up slightly, restraining himself, being the true professional that he is. Almost every member of the cast noticed Kiran’s ire. It was too real. What was it? A great performance, or a personal vendetta?

Well, one won’t know if there was something personal there, because they had worked some way back in a brilliant serial together, titled Main Mar Gaee Shaukat Ali, even before she had come to Karachi. But, in that episode of DSJHS, lovely Kiran Haq definitely delivered under the influence of negative energy!

Fori ba’ad, with her fiery invective finished, Kiran seemed almost to stagger back. What was that? Almost too real. But, that’s her first real aamna saamna with herself. Where was she standing? What’s her pedestal? Relax, girl, relax! After all, it’s just a drama serial. Bread and butter. It isn’t a reality show!