Junoon Revival? - Not Iqbal Again!

Aww naw! Not again, for Pete’s sakes! Did Junoon have to revive themselves with the Iqbalian agenda of the revival of Khudi?

I mean, who would have thought that these guys will catch the train with the umbrella hook? Once again, they go “Khudi ko kar buland itna….”, but the tune, or the so-called ‘composition’ is actually a re-hash of Hai jazba junoon to himmat na haar, which is a much superior haunt. That mood and those lyrics suit each other. Khudi ko… is Allama Iqbal man, and he is writing philosophy in verse, a job that even Hegel and Bergson couldn’t do.

That kind of poetry is hardly suited for this happy-go-lucky dancing march!

In fact, they could have returned with Hai jazba junoon, which would do just fine!

Did Salman suggest they sing Iqbal?

Look man, ninety six percent bands in the world sing their own lyrics throughout their career. Have you ever listened to the famous bands singing the famous western poets, or international poetry? For that, they have other individuals or groups, who only croon the classical or modern poets like Whitman or Dylan Thomas. But, the popular bands don’t do it. It’s just never done. Beatles never sang any famous poet in their famous career. They had different members writing for them. It’s a highly professional job composing for world-renowned poets. Allama included!

In fact, two boys and a professor have collaborated on PTV to sing Iqbal, this very week, with beautiful results. The professor recites Iqbal’s famous, related verses to the number, in between the stanzas, and it’s really inspiring stuff.