Starry Ads - We’re Catching Up!

I sometime criticise the Indian TV ads as totally dependent on their Bollywood superstars. There are too many of them in a day’s nashriyat. I am sure they’d retort, “We have’em, so we’ll flaunt ‘em!”

Well, now, it seems we are resorting to the same formula, since we’ve come up with a few of our celluloid stars too! For instance, you can see three or more stars in quite a few ads these days. Reema has appeared in three ads recently. Maya and Ahad are appearing in Coke ad etc etc. Saw Fawad Khan in a long-ish ad, this week, which made me jump a good three feet in the air. I thought, finally, Fawad has committed himself to a new big-cast serial. But, it turned out to be a lengthy ad-message. Seemed, the hero dad hadn’t been giving his loving son enough quality time. The way it was made, it looked like a social message.