‘You cannot promote something that is already a big hit’

KJo snaps back after being accused of promoting extra marital affairs

Days after announcing the cast of his upcoming movie Takht, Karan Johar was once again a subject for social media trolls, who criticised him for harbouring nepotism in the film industry.

However, Johar was in no mood to let them pass and took to sarcasm to give fitting replies to these comments.

A Twitter user took a dig at Johar for favouring close friends and family, to which Johar said: "You must stop immediately or the world will come to a drastic end!"

A second troll, who took on the ace director for his film 'Takht', was not spared either.

He wrote, "Ma'm...your clever coinage is original and has a dash of humour but nothing can match your beautiful DP image! Hand on chin and looking at an undisclosed location...."

Johar's flick Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, completed 12 years on August 11. However, a number of social media users blamed Karan for promoting extra-marital affairs through the film.

"Hello uninformed person! You cannot promote something that is already a big hit!" an eloquent Karan responded.