Danish designer uses runway to make statement on burqa ban

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An Iranian-born designer, Reza Etamadi, made more than a fashion statement in Denmark recently by showcasing models wearing the conservative Muslim niqab, and others dressed as police officers, days after a law banning the full-face coverings worn by a tiny number of women in Denmark took effect in the country.

Denmark's much-debated ‘Burqa Ban’ is mostly seen as being directed at the conservative Muslim dress known as burqa, which conceal the entire face, and niqabs, which only show the eyes, in public places since August 1. Both are extremely rare in Denmark.

Talking about his MUF10 streetwear brand's show at the fashion week, Etamadi said, “I have a duty to support all women's freedom of speech and freedom of thought... I have no unanimous attitude toward the ban in general but I have a principle: No man should decide what women should wear.”