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All’s well that ends well

Travel blogger Eva Zu Beck received flak from authorities for performing the Kiki Challenge aboard a PIA aircraft but she's won over many Pakistanis with her dance. The Polish girl, who is currently travelling in Pakistan via the national carrier, paired up with the airline to take the wildly popular car dancing challenge to the next level by prancing in an empty aircraft. The video features the blogger dancing with the national flag in her hands, dressed in green and white shalwar kameez. Unfortunately, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) didn't find the video entertaining and held PIA accountable for allowing a foreign woman to reach the runway and the aircraft, and ‘desecrate’ the Pakistani flag. Eva was forced to delete it for 'hurting' sentiments and she even shared a video apologising for the dance, "I thought it would be a fun way to promote tourism in Pakistan but I would still like to apologise if my actions have hurt anyone” and added that she loves Pakistan and will continue to promote it throughout the world. However, she has won over the locals who came out to appreciate and support her, thanking her for showing a soft image of the country.


Mawra Hocane becomes lawyer, gets distinction in Islamic law

Social media sensation and actress Mawra Hocane has proven that she is more than a pretty face. While we are well-acquainted with her acting and performing talents, we did not know that she had an intellectual side to her as well.

However, it has now emerged that Mawra has cleared her law exams with flying colours, scoring the highest in Islamic Law, and has successfully become an advocate.

Mawra’s sister, Urwa Hocane, in a social media post shared the news.

“Advocate Mawra Hussain – Alhumdulillah! Credit in property law – Credit in Public International Law – High Merit in Jurisprudence at 67 – High distinction in Islamic Law at 85 (likely the highest in the world, still to get confirmation from University of London). I don’t have enough words to tell you how proud I am of you my love!” wrote Urwa.

She added, “It’s her relentless hard work and dedication along with the faculty of TILS Islamabad that I have heard great things about, from her!”


Transgender fashion designer launches Surkhaabi

In a move that is being deemed as a first, transgender Maya Zaman has seen her ambitions materialise in her first-ever luxury pret line Surkhaabi. The budding fashionista, who is also a trans-rights activist, followed up her BBA degree with a diploma in fashion designing. It was here that she met a housewife by the name of Fouzia who is now Zaman’s partner. Together, the two hope to create something unique that builds confidence in women. “The unique thing about Surkhaabi is that it’s for women of all ages and sizes. The idea behind it is to promote body positivity and diversity, and discourage body shaming,” shared the 24-year-old and added, “Fashion is not about being perfect. It’s about having fun and loving yourself.” The brand also employs a team of dedicated transgenders looking after graphic designing, stitching, exhibiting and photographing the pret wear. According to Zaman, the brand ambassador will also be a transgender. “This is a moment of pride for the transgender community, which is proving that they will not be left behind,” she said.


Hania calls out 'men disguised as fans’

The 21-year-old took to Twitter to post a thread about harassment faced by celebrities after she claimed she went through something similar recently at the hands of ‘men disguised as fans’. Hania tweeted that just because celebrities are public figures, it does not allow them to become public property – adding that she was sexually harassed by male fans at one of the promotional events for her film, Parwaaz Hai Junoon. The actress also questioned how some people can claim to be fans if they cause discomfort and embarrassment, leaving the victims traumatised. She explained, “We step out of our comfort zone to be with our fans but acts like these force us to reconsider and doubt our decision to go out in the public,” adding, “It’s sad that despite the country’s progression, women are still an object of desire for some. It’s because of such individuals that women are scared to step out of their homes, not work and live their lives in fear.” The Janaan star concluded that if people ever find her verbally abusing someone else publicly, it will be while she’s “putting a disgusting man in his place”.


Pride of Pakistan Award for Ali Zafar

The award was given at the annual Independence Day celebration held by the Pakistani community in Los Angeles Ali Zafar was presented with the ‘Pride of Pakistan Award’ during the actor’s recent international promotional tours for the blockbuster ‘Teefa in Trouble’. The award was presented on the occasion on annual Independence Day Celebration event held by the Pakistani community titled ‘United For Pakistan Independence Day’. On the occasion Ali Zafar also sang the national anthem to a crowd of over 20,000 people. United For Pakistan Independence Day, has been formed to organise the independence day of Pakistan in Los Angeles. In 2006, several organisations joined hands together to celebrate and organise an event where all Pakistani get together and celebrate the journey of our National heroes who gave their lives and times to achieve the dream of every Muslim to have their own country.


Kangana congratulates IK on winning elections

Kangana Ranaut, who previously supported India’s ban on Pakistani artistes, is hoping for better relationship with her neighbours now that Imran Khan will be serving as Prime Minister of the country. Talking to the media recently, the actress congratulated the PTI leader for winning the 2018 General Election and said she hoped for a peaceful future. “We can only hope that we shed no more blood,” the Queen star said. “It is unfortunate that our soldiers are dying. But, the kind of speech Mr Imran Khan gave was very, very nice. I wish him all the best and with my folded hands, I appeal that we have a beautiful relationship,” she added.