Fixing your capsule wardrobe

Imagine having a few trusted key pieces of clothing in your closet which are fashionable the entire year around and which can be worn by you without falling drab, any day! In fashion science, it is vernacularised as 'capsule wardrobe'. The term was first coined by a Londoner boutique-owner Susie Faux in the 70’s. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe includes certain fashion articles which never go out of fashion, say denim jeans, trousers or skirts, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.

Here are a few traditional and westernised pieces of clothing which can obtain a pride presence as capsule collection in your closet. Read on!

Chikankari kurta

An artfully embroidered chikankari kurta is the desi epitome of minimalist clothing. It presents itself as the most iconic garb to ace the traditional look yet does not stray far from contemporary. Very versatile when it comes to styling options, a chikankari kurta is not only elegant but can be quirked up easily. A throw of colours can help elevate the quirk ratio of the look.


Monochrome dressing has attained an indelible presence in fashion, the reason you spot them in abundance every season's runway. That's right, invest in one or more attires in monochrome and don't shy from flaunting them at any time of the year. It can be just about anything monochrome, a jumpsuit, a handbag or a dress shirt!

Comfortably skinny denims

Behold, 20th century's most dissected and experimented garb; the blue jeans! Every one of us owns more than just a pair, because we are aware that they are always "in". Make sure you own in a comfortable skinny jeans to climb into at any time!

Lightweight, bright hued scarf

Queen Elizabeth’s profound confession for the love of scarves is enough to convince us, how fashionable a silk scarf can get. A brightly coloured scarf, albeit printed or solid in colour injects either sophistication or fun to the outfit; depending on what you wear it on! It also serves as unbeatable fashion accessory; be it circling your neck or the curve of your favourite bag!

White t-shirt

Can it possibly get more fashionably evergreen than a plain white t-shirt? And not just any t-shirt; it has to be plain and white, putting all pieces of clothing in your wardrobe to shame with its utility. Throw it on over faded blue denims, slacks and shrug on a jacket; no one would question your fashion credibility for it! Be it V-neck or a turtle neck, you're good to go!

Mind these capsulated rules!

Choosing colour-base: Pick one or two colour schemes, like black, white, beige or grey, which will go with most things in your wardrobe. Trousers, shoes, bags, pullovers could be carried in base colour.

Mind your body shape: Not all cuts flatter a bony frame or a curvy figure, or vice versa. Note your body type and buy clothes accordingly.

Pick classics: While cuts and silhouettes tend to slip in and out of vogue, classic attires never date. Opt for classic cuts and patterns which can be hoarded in your wardrobe for several years on. Quality first: Purchase high-quality stuff; pieces of clothing which don’t jade easily with continued wear.