Republic of Guinea-Bissau


  • 14 Oct - 20 Oct, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Panorama

Guinea-Bissau’s flag was adopted in 1973, the same year as the country proclaimed its independence from Portugal. The flag is based on one which had been used by the liberation movement since the early 1960s, which in its turn was probably based on the flag of Ghana, the first of the former African colonies to achieve independence, a few years before. The red, yellow and green are the colours of the Pan-African movement, and the black star is also expressive of a desire for African unity. In the flag of Guinea-Bissau, however, the colours are also symbolic in their own right: red for the blood of the fallen heroes of the independence movement; green for hope; yellow for the sun, the source of life; and the black star for the African continent.