Trump The Attention Seeker

  • 01 Sep - 07 Sep, 2018
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The article talks about the US President Donald Trump’s short acting appearances. Apart from his desires to make the world act as per his wishes, Trump also loves to act himself… to everyone’s surprise

Donald Trump in the Little Rascals


Politicians are always the centre of attention for everyone, as their charisma attracts the audience. Most politicians have a public record of speeches and votes on issues of the day, but Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States of America, has left a different type of record: a near-constant presence in TV shows, movies, documentaries, pageants and even professional wrestling events for over 30 years. Before making his mark in the White House, President Donald Trump made cameos on both the big and small screen. Throughout the late 90s, Trump cultivated a reel of small, often uncredited roles in a variety of TV shows and movies. One of the many ways that compulsion has manifested itself is an insistence on having cameos in movies and TV shows filmed which should come as a surprise to approximately no one. Trump showed that he has quite the acting range, appearing in everything from children's movies, including the Home Alone sequel, to raunchier cable offerings, like his small part in an episode of Sex and the City. And among so much more, some of his credible contributions are mentioned below.

"Waldo, you're the best son money can buy,"

Trump tapped into his father figure skills with a role as Waldo's dad in The Little Rascals. Trump’s chracter was quite an entertaining treat for the viewers.

With Rosie Senza Spine in The Nanny

Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) presented him in her trademark voice on a scene of The Nanny called where Fran uncovers that Trump saw her on The Rosie Show and welcomed her to a gathering. Furthermore, truly, the Rosie she's alluding to is without a doubt Rosie O'Donnell, Trump's possible enemy.

As Trump is very famous for his non-political twitter satire, his appearances in the movies also show a bit of the shadow as Trump talks the art of the deal in a 1998 episode of Spin City alongside stars Michael J. Fox and Alan Ruck. When Ruck questions him about the process of writing his books, Trump keeps his answers brief and seemingly unhelpful, much to Ruck’s dismay. Fox throws in a zinger when he tells Trump “you should call your next book The Art of Not Helping!’’ Which he ignored playfully with a smirk.

Trump with Will Smith and Marla Maples in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Also in a blink of a scene that you might have missed was from 2001’s comedy movie Zoolander where Trump appeared in a red carpet interview saying, “Without Derek Zoolander, male modelling wouldn't be what it is today.” Also in the short appearance? First lady, Melania Trump.

You may not instantly connect Trump with the Christmas holidays, but rather he appeared like an hotelier St. Scratch in the Christmas exemplary Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. When a young Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) meandered into an inn looking for the entryway, Trump guided him that it’s “down the corridor and to one side.” Trump's red tie could have been a dapper Christmas-composed embellishment 26 years prior or it could have been an indication of his future political gathering aspirations.

Pre-presidency, Trump made his name as a real estate mogul, and his appearance on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air capitalised on that claim to fame. Ironically, Trump replies to Uncle Phil's (James Avery) shock at his interest in buying the Banks’ Bel-Air mansion by saying, “I like to keep a low profile.” Another prescient moment in the cameo comes when Ashley Banks (Tatyana Ali) says to Trump, “I've got something to tell you... Thank you for ruining my life!” To which Trump replies, “Everybody's always blaming me for everything.”

In another episode titled For Sale by Owner, Trump visited the Banks family and was mistaken as a potential buyer of their Bel-Air mansion. Upon seeing him walk through the front door, Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) screams in excitement, "It's the Donald! Oh my god!” while Hilary (Karyn Parsons) tells him, “You look much richer in person.”

A scene from the Two Weeks Notice

Not only in movies or serials Donald Trump also appeared in numerous Pizza Hut commercials in the 1990s, taking bites out of stuffed crust pizza both alongside his ex-wife Ivana Trump and in the sky on a private jet to promote the pizza chain.

Keeping an identity of a businessman, Trump diverted himself as he showed up on comedic TV series The Nanny in 1996, in which his character receives a call on phone and says, “I told you not to call me on this line again!” He likewise showed up close by Whoopi Goldberg for a second time in The Associate; the 1996 comedic film is about making it on the Wall Street, in which the businessman plays himself. Additionally, In the 1996 film Eddie, which recounts the story of a New York limo driver (Whoopi Goldberg) and faithful New York Knicks fan who wins a privileged coach challenge, Donald Trump plays his business person self.

In the second season’s two episode New York and Queens of The Drew Carey show, Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, Christa Miller and Diedrich Bader's characters run into Trump on the street while stuck in a bad traffic jam in the middle of New York City. In the scene, he offers the group of friends frees tickets to his box seats at the Yankees game.

Donald Trump appeared in a scene of Two Weeks’ Notice as himself in 2002. He hassles George Wade (Hugh Grant) at a cocktail party just before Wade is enchanted by Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock).

Recent contribution by Trump towards the industry was last seen in 2012, in which he appeared in Century 21 Real Estate's Super Bowl XLVII ad in 2012, where he negotiated a deal with a Century 21 agent.

According to Matt Damon the famous producer and actor, “Apparently, the reason for his appearances in most of the movies was that whenever a movie or a TV show would film something on a Trump’s property, he would require the filmmakers to write a scene for him. Sometimes the scene would be cut out later, but sometimes it would be kept in. In fact, there are quite a few movies and TV shows where they left the cameo in, and while in many cases Trump’s appearance serves no real purpose, but sometimes he’s still considered to be a vital part of the plot.”