Complete Food and Nutrition Companion
By Catherine Saxelby 

This clever A to Z guide covers everything from why a particular diet can positively impact Alzheimer’s to how zinc can help eyesight. A fascinating read, this book provides easily accessible, up-to-date information and is a wonderful addition to any home.

By Malika Basu

Spectacular imagery accompanies more than 100 enticing Indian recipes in this hardcover recipe book worthy of showing off in perfect gift for budding master chefs and includes spicy staples like Punjabi potato Flatbread, Vegetable Kurma and Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhanwala).

How to Change Your Mind
By Michael Pollan

Activist and award winning author Michael Pollan candidly writes about his fascination with psychedelic drugs and the strange trip it has taken him on. Whatever your opinion, this is a well-researched and genuinely thought provoking read.

American Princess
By Lesile Caroll

It’s hard not to be fascinated by the secret lives of royalty. All about Her Highness, The Duschess of Sussex formerly known as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, this fun read delves deeper than tacky tabloids report and brings to life this royal couple’s thoroughly modern romance.

Red Clocks
By Leni Zumas

If you’re in the mood for a cautionary work of farsighted fiction à la Margaret Atwood, try Leni Zumas’s amazing book. It is a spooky-good novel of ideas about the power of collective resistance against the tyranny of rights.