Rajkummar survived on biscuits during struggling days

Actor Rajkummar Rao is a self-confessed foodie. But his profession keeps from indulging to his heart’s content. Talking about his love for food, he says, “I love Indian food, but I don’t cook. Being in the profession of acting though, I have to keep my greed under control.”

Reminiscing about his early days in the industry and how he survived as a struggling actor, Rao says, “When I came from Gurgaon to Mumbai, I shared a flat with two other boys. The only thing I could cook was noodles. Sometimes, if I had the money to spare, I would order some subzi and chappatis from a nearby restaurant.”

“And at times, when I didn’t have much money, I would survive on water and biscuits,” the actor adds.

But despite his struggles, he never lost sight of his goal. “I always loved acting. That’s why I came to Mumbai, to make it big in Bollywood. And it was possible only because of my mother’s support,” Rao says.