Slender Man

  • 01 Sep - 07 Sep, 2018
  • Farheen Jawaid
  • Reviews

Be afraid of the Slender Man, because “Once you see him, you can’t unsee him.” Now that is the only truly scary thing about Slender Man.

Four friends (Julia Goldani Telles, Joey King, Jaz Sinclair and Annalise Basso) watch a scary video on the internet. Like The Ring (a very superior movie stemming from the same plot devise), if you watch the video a creature named Slender Man will come and get you. After watching the video, the girls try to stop the Slender Man before they all are taken.

This rudimentary and lackluster, horror, adapted from an internet folklore made by Eric Knudsen, just gets by with running around in the dark and some good transition shots and moments of tension. However, that same pointless running around in the dark continues till the end, drowning the movie.

Director Sylvain White shows he has some charm when he touches on the subject of teenage disassociation and angst, but the real downer for the movie is that there is nothing in the movie that engages the audience, or tells a tale that might heighten the horror.

One can think of something creepier in an instant. After all once you think about it, a really tall creepy guy in a suit is really the government out to get you – now that’s real horror! •