Despite rumours about it not happening, let me tell you the project is, in fact, in the works.

Mehwish Hayat clears the air regarding her upcoming project and playing the role of Benazir Bhutto

JPNA3 will come out in 2020 and the team already has two potential stories to work on.

Humayun Saeed on the possibility of JPNA’s another sequel

I’ve always loved Pakistan and Pakistan will always be my Pakistan; there’s nothing new or old for me.

Feroze Khan on his wishes how Naya Pakistan should be like

One thing that I've now realised is that, I'm very selfish and conscious as an actor.

Bilal Abbas Khan on what he really is, as an actor

I decided to write on a matter that catered all the South Asian mothers, and kept it as authentic as possible.

Juggun Kazim talks about the inspiration to write her book, Mom Matters

I would still want to be born in the 60s and 70s and despite the rat race, maybe that’s why I stand out. I don’t involve myself into unnecessary issues.

Fahad Musatafa spills the beans on his fashion choices