Wall Street Burgers

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A burger joint that is frequented by gym enthusiasts, doesn’t the idea sound amusing? Same was my reaction when the server told me that many visit on their way back from the gym to gorge on their beef burger because the meat they use in the patty is extremely lean and contains only 10 per cent fat. So, of course, I wanted to try their beef specialty. I started off with Big Ben, Grilled Fiery Chicken and Johnny Wall Street along with BBQ pizza fries. Big Ben comes in single and double beef patty, onions, jalapeno, cheese slice, ice berg lettuce and special sauce. This was the burger I was most disappointed with as I found the taste bland. I felt like the patty could benefit from some seasoning, The tasteless white sauce inside didn’t help the matters too. The Grilled Chicken had a well-done fillet, cheese slice, onions, green pepper, mustard and special fiery sauce. As someone who loves spicy food, I really liked the hotness that came from green pepper and the fiery sauce. Eateries tend to dry out chicken by over-cooking, so I usually don’t prefer chicken burgers, but I did not find this problem with Wall Street’s burgers, so kudos to them for that. I enjoyed the Jonny Wall Street the most; it had chicken bologna and chunks filled with veggies and mixture of Wall Street sauce. This is a flavourful sandwich that will give you a burst of black olives, mushrooms, jalapenos, green peppers, and juicy meat in every bite. Highly recommended! The pizza fries were a letdown; they contained the same tasteless mayo as the beef burger, the fries weren’t as soft as one would want and were a but sticky, and the sauce was nothing to write home about, too. The cheese slice was not melted up to the mark and there was no in-house dips and sauce that would along the burger to enhance the taste. An eatery that specialises in just one type of menu should leave no room for errors and serve fresh things made in the kitchen.•

Location: Shop No. 2, 45-C, Main Badar Comm., Phase 5 DHA, Karachi
Average cost for 2: PKR 1,500 approx.


For most part, Wall Street delivers decent tasting burgers. For a joint that specialises in burger, though, it needs to up its game to compete with what’s in the market.


The space is well lit with cheerful and motivating messages on the wall everywhere you see. The chairs and tables are all light and bright. There is even a small TV screen to keep you updated on match scores.


The server-cum-manager is quick, more than polite and helpful with recommending what to order. Seeing him take care of the entire space on his own and going in and out of the counter, I felt like he might benefit from a helping hand.


The packing as well as presentation is clean and to the point. Even the canned drinks are served in a basket which suddenly makes it look so much fancier.


Looking at the entire experience, a weekend hangout with friends at Wall Street could be enjoyable; a cozy space, fast food to binge on and a screen on which you could follow sports update, sounds like a perfect evening!