MAHIRA KHAN - The Poison Has An Antidote!

It’s odd, but despite the fact that Mahira Khan is the most popular person and actress amongst all strata of the society, one finds that a few of her traits imply that she may not be as spotlessly nice as people think her to be!

Mahira emerged as one of the most likeable and talented music show hosts during the Nineties. The only other girl of that caliber was Naveen Waqar. Soon, both girls went for acting, and in that particular field, Mahira left Naveen far behind. She conquered the two screens with alacrity. But, this far down the lane, one notes that Mahira has developed certain features that show her to be slightly negative, though she keeps those features well hidden.

Watching her beautiful performance in her top-seller, Saat Din Mohabbat In (SDMI), I noticed, and recalled other moments during her acting in other serials that Mahira, even in happy scenes, cannot control her sufficiently long eyebrows getting twisted like poison ivy, on occasions. It’s a very peculiar expression that cannot be related to Mahira’s all-nice look. In symbology, it tells of a dark, chaotic anger that is mostly hidden. Is it just a feeling, or something dark is there?

If you analyse Mahira’s work in Bin Roey, you find that the most sterling scene she did was the one when she unveils her searing anger against her sister, played by Armina, and hurls things and screams. Nobody expected Mahira, a pink flower, to surge into a kali aandhi. But, you must admit that her chagrin in the film made it a blockbuster internationally. As against a patient victim in Humsafar, this was a big change. Even in Shoaib Mansoor’s Verna, she flew into a perfect vamp’s fiery mood, eyes turning nasty against the villains. Where did all this come from?

Mahira’s inner sanctum seems to have a negative ire trending. The cigarette, blowing black smoke is a symbol of dark energy. It will dissipate with time, because for the moment, anger needs to flow, so that the negative aspect leaves her soul!