Actors are presumed to be able to play any role, but the most successful have distinct styles.

Actors, when asked to step into modelling shoes, are often made to appear as blank canvases onto which designers, stylists and photographers project an image. Yet the reality is that for decades the most successful models have been those who have had distinct characters, from their wide-eyed gaze to the quirky nymphet looks. To each gesture, these feline women bring a sense of all the things that have ever interested them. They have the ability to invent every moment, a new little role for themselves, with every pose.

In the 80s and 90s, the golden age of the supermodels, women such as Reema, Samina Peerzada and Vaneeza Ahmed ruled the fashion pages with strong poses emblematic of the traditional royalty look for which they were famous. However, with fashion shoots and shows becoming increasingly creative and diverse, models are now expected to be more malleable, with a role closer to actress than clotheshorse. Modelling is often described as creating a picture, a still life, something like a silent film. You convey emotion, but only using your body.

Fashion photographers maintain that the main requirements to excel in fashion shoots is through the “intelligence and willingness” of the posing models. So even if the models are being asked to reinvent themselves, a successful one must be able to retain her individuality as well as be adaptable.


Omar breathes life into her stature. She has the prowess to channel massive punches of energy while exuding femininity, simultaneously. She has no fear of the camera’s lens and is always well-poised to throw a candid smile at it. Her trademark is easily joie de vivre.


The Iranian beauty is a shape-shifter in front of the camera’s eye. A lift of her cheek in a lopsided smile, to baring her lips in a sweet grin; her mood board is a clandestine blend.


Mahira taps into her inborn elegance, chasteness and charms. She borrows from her inner sense of self and conveys it artfully to the watching lens. She is versatile; she can pose demure as well as masterfully portray herself as seething tigress; all in grace.


Zara’s angelic, bubbly face and girl-next-door charm compliments her well. The actress and model always appears very comfortable and the best pictures of her are in a natural pose, where one can see her character.


It took Hania two dimples and her bubbly personality to reign hearts. But don’t take the starlet’s youthful appearance for granted, for in front of the lens, she has learnt to use her body in a way which is graceful, soft and fluid.


With a strong body position and her body tilted back, Mawra expels a luring charm, which is very disarming. With her down-turn expressive pools of eyes, a slightly parted lip and knowing gaze, she has the power to bewitch the onlookers.