Letters TO The Editor

Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.
– Paulo Coelho

Inculcating manners in children

It is very saddening to notice how children at present demonstrate an ill-mannered attitude and casual disrespect towards not just their elders, but fellow children of their age. It is alarming to know that these kids are an integral part of our society and our future rest on their shoulders. Not all flaw lies with parenting and upbringing, perhaps parents do try their best in educating and inculcating basic mannerisms in their younger ones, yet children being quick learners tend to pick more from discrepancies surrounding them. Without blaming the systems or parenting, we should make diligent efforts to shield our children from bad influences.

Hera Junaid,

Pakistani cinema’s at its best

This Eid was big for cinema lovers, as Pakistan’s film industry managed to churn out three successful movies of its own. After a disappointing cinematic experience during Eid ul Fitr, when nearly all Pakistani films flopped at the box office, the masses were very skeptic about the releases of the films, albeit these appeared promising. However, all delusions were put to rest, when the local cinema emerged victorious during the holiday week, with films like JPNA2, Parwaaz Hai Junoon and Load Wedding grossing high figures at the box office. Indeed, it’s a stepping stone to the revival of our nation’s cinema!

Meeha Jamali,

Roadmap to Naya Pakistan

The cabinet of newly-appointed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has imposed a ban on first-class air travel by the President, Chief Justice, Senate Chairman and the National Assembly speaker. The federal cabinet discussed seven-point agenda including abolition of discretionary funds, overseas visits, load-shedding, audit of mass transport projects, tree plantation, country-wide cleanliness drive and proposal of six working days for government offices. However, it decided against increasing the duration of current working week by a day in the meeting. The masses have risen to widespread acclaim and admiration for this new roadmap to the ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Azeem Shiraz,

Neighbourhood cleaning drives

Many of us are accustomed to complaining about the deplorable and unclean state of our neighbourhood, its road, unkempt parks and nearby areas, with no responses or action from the authority. In the wake of the Pakistan, I feel it is time to take matters into our own hands and try to overcome challenges on our own. Much like the popular beach cleaning drives, the young and old should try and allocate a day from a month, and converge efforts in cleaning the neighbourhood. This successful, organised activity is also practiced in foreign countries with profound success. It’s time we make amends on our own too, perhaps that’s how we can attain our Naya Pakistan.

Mehak Batool,