IN A FIRST Huma Adnan opens her bridal studio in Karachi

Last week, fashion bloggers and journalists flocked to Dolmen Mall Clifton for the launch of Huma Adnan’s bridal store. The spacious store was decked from floor to ceiling with sparkling garbs, with the beaming designer welcoming the fashion fraternity and showing them her exquisite bridal ensembles. The happening store launch spoke of her massive converged efforts in revamping bridal wear for all.

The event boasted the likes and presence of notable influencers in showbiz and fashion, including Hadiqa Kiani, Adeel Hussain, Noor Khan, Misbah Mumtaz and Sabrina Furqan. Speaking to the visitors at large, a clearly excited Huma relayed, “I am very excited about the launch of my bridal store which has been a labour of love for our brand. The design sensibility has always been traditional with a twist, bringing together lands, cultures and distant roots”. At the heart of the store, a showcase was dedicated to the intricately hand-crafted and beautiful jewellery which was constantly a subject for bloggers to snap and Instagram. The pretty pieces have been created by refugee women in a joint initiative between Huma and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

A lingering gander at the bridal wear collection, we found the ensembles to be equal parts vivid and subtle in hues, boasting traditional yet trendy designs – perfect for the modern bride.