How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Blog?

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Instagram is a fabulous place to get your blog noticed, especially if you want to expand your reach and increase your success level – and get a publishing deal. Today, the success of your blog significantly depends on how well you build a platform and connect with experts in your niche. Considering this, promoting your blog on Instagram is definitely worth your time. Sanjay Bojan shares with you an essential guide to kickoff and start promoting your posts on Instagram.

How to get started

Instagram provides the necessary tools to convert mediocre images into awesome pictures. However, your pictures need to speak for your brand. For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, it would make sense to post fashion pictures.

You also can use images to promote some of your old and epic blog posts. Keep in mind that the engagement and visibility of an Instagram update fade with time. More than half the comments appear within hours of publishing a post on the site. Therefore, do not shy away from posting often.

Try and post a picture or two many times per day. You don’t have to be busy with your Instagram account all day – when you want to be writing. You can schedule Instagram posts using tools that post for you at a desired time.

Hashtags can make you popular

Hashtags can make your blogs more visible. Be specific with the hashtags you choose but ensure they are popular. Hashtags related to your blog are more likely to bring more traffic to the site. It would be wise to spend some time learning how to use hashtags and trying some generic and popular ones.

Brand Yourself and Your Site with Instagram

Lastly, never underestimate the power of Instagram for branding yourself and your site. As you share images, you help followers know what your blog and books – and you – stand for. Instagram is the best platform for beginners to connect with strangers and start promoting a brand. The social network is still relatively new and refreshing compared to the crowded and aging Facebook market. It is also a lot of fun sharing images on Instagram.

Start using Instagram today, and let your images do the blog promotion for you!
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Happy blogging!