Nabeel Qureshi upset with Load Wedding’s screening time slots

Seems Nabeel Qureshi is upset with the screening time slots his directorial venture has been given in cinemas and believes that his film is being sabotaged.

Taking to Twitter, the filmmaker has been quite vocal about how the Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat starrer has been given bad screening times across Pakistan, whereas the other two films, JPNA2 and Parwaz Hai Junoon, are getting ‘unfair’ advantages.

The director also clarified that while other films were produced by media networks, in their case they only worked under the GEO banner for a media partnership.

“Let me make it clear, GEO is my media partner, not my producer or distributor, whereas ARY and HUM have investments set in PHJ and JPNA 2,” he said. “It’s disheartening because we’re independent filmmakers and we don’t go to big networks to produce our films.”

While the exhibitor felt that it’s the public demand that plays the largest role in adding or subtracting screen allocations, Nabeel felt that his film has not done bad business for it to not get enough shows. “I want to question all the exhibitors; did the cinemas go empty during Load Wedding? Despite the horrid allocations given to my film, it remained at 80-90 per cent occupancy,” he said. “What’s the reason to give my films such hours? My film is being sabotaged. Even Teefa, which released a month ago still has six shows; is this fair play?