• 08 Sep - 14 Sep, 2018
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Nutritional Profile

Carambola or starfruit provides 31 calories per 100g; 0.3gm of fat, 7g of carbohydrate, 2mg of sodium, 133mg of potassium and 1g of protein.

Interesting facts

· Starfruit is the fruit of Averrhoa carambola, a species of tree native to Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

· The fruit has texture like grapes and its taste resembles a blend of pineapple, plum and lemon.

· There are two varieties of starfruit: sweet and tart. Tart variety is used as garnish and for the preparation of stews, curries, dishes made of poultry, fish and seafood. Sweet variety can be consumed fresh or it can be used for the preparation of juices, cocktails, jams and sweet desserts.

Heath Benefits

· Starfruit is rich source of dietary fibers, vitamins C, B2, B6 and B9 and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, zinc and iron.

· Fruit and juice of starfruit facilitate elimination of excess water from the body. They are also used in treatment of cough, jaundice, constipation and bacterial infections. Leaves and root are used in treatment of chickenpox, headache and ringworms.

· Starfruit contains substances which can prevent development of cardiovascular disorders and certain types of cancer.


Star-fruit is a good source of nutritionally and medicinally important natural products beneficial for human health. However, due to the oxalate and caramboxin content in the fruit, it is toxic to patients with renal problems.