Cheese, Crust & Co.

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Starting as an online page and delivery-only option about a year ago, Cheese, Crust & Co. (CCC) has just opened up a small space that holds a kitchen and a counter from where you can place and receive your order. I ordered Lemon Pepper Wings, Pizza Fries, a CCC Original sandwich and the much talked about Pizza Donut in Crazzy Tikka flavour from them. The wings had a soft coating that had a strong citrus taste from the lemon and slight punch of black pepper. The chicken inside is quite plain in taste, but the dish is wonderfully fresh in that you will normally get buffalo and BBQ wings everywhere. While I enjoyed the wings on their own, there is also a peppery mayo-based dipping sauce with it that tastes equally good. Unlike the pizza fries you will get at other eateries, CCC’s fries were doused in creamy, finger-licking white sauce. The jalapenos and black olives added to the flavour, as well. The only issue I had with them, and this is constant in all the pizza fries I have had so far, the cheese on top solidifies too soon and I don’t get to enjoy the stringy cheese satisfaction I hope for every time. The best part about their sandwich was the crust on the bread – it remained crunchy hours later even after I stored it in the fridge for a while. The ingredients were still fresh, crunchy and juicy, just as they were supposed to be. The CCC sandwich has bite-size grilled chicken fillet as well as bologna slices, tomato, lettuce, half-fried egg white and cheese slices, all arranged in layers in classic club sandwich style. While the sandwich tasted amazing, I found it a tad bit dry and could really use some kind of sauce. The pizza donut was made with pizza filling inside the dough, shaped like donut. I had hoped for strings of cheese to come dancing out when I broke into it, but alas! I think the eatery can resolve this issue once they open for dine-in. The dough, on the other hand, is the softest I have had! The filling, consisting majorly of spicy chicken tikka chunks and cheese, tasted lip-smacking against the mildy sweet bread. For reasons too many to list, CCC deserves a visit!•

Location: Building 2C, lane 5, Seher comm., Lane 9, Phase 7 DHA, Karachi.
Average cost for 2: PKR 1,200 approx.

The team delivers feel-good taste; no wacky experiments on your palate, no ingredients too fancy for you to appreciate or pronounce. They stick to the basics and give you options that are safe and enjoyable.

For now, only takeout option is available, so one can’t really comment on the ambience bit. But the owner tells me that he plans to turn the same place into a small dining space with self service. Here’s hoping that happens soon!

The waiting time is about 15 minutes which is not at all bad for an order of four items. The servers are also courteous, and they’d shine more once open for dine-in.

The presentation of all the dishes remained quite simple. Since they are packing all their orders for take-away for now, the real test is of the durability of the packaging, and that holds!

The dishes here are a complete package; they are tasty, light on the pocket and served in good quantity. This is a perfect option for you to try when you want to order in but also go for something light. Even the pizza fried and pizza donut won’t feel too heavy.