Heed The Parents! - Fascist Attitudes?

With so many drama parents acting against the wishes of their aulad, the vision of the audiences regarding parenthood is really unsteady. It’s a mystery why most parents in our serials are always quarreling with their children? Is it really realistic to paint the waldain in a bad way?

In Ishq Tamasha, reaching its climax, the mother of a household, with three sagee daughters, and an adopted girl, seems not to learn any lesson, despite continuous so-called ‘scandals’ arising out of the house! The totally insensitive mother, played with ruthless precision by the talented Saba Faisal, has been created with no evolution of the role in mind. Too many writers have no idea of the development of the character. In the same serial, the phuppi of the protagonist, played by Lubna Aslam, has a similar stance towards an orphan girl. Probably, the only naram dil parent left in the lot is Azra Mansoor, who is possibly incapable of playing a strict parent. You can also scout the recently ended popular serial, Mah-e-Tamam, and find that another father of a domestic household, done by a very senior actor, Manzoor Qureishi, is structured on the worst of dictatorial papa in history! His relations with one of his son, screen-named Taqi, seems like a king is surveying his lowly subject!

Why always construct such personas? Can’t we be more balanced? Maybe, these second millennium writers have lost their sense of mamta and bapta, altogether!