Bol ke Lab....! - Minister Goes Full Blast!

In Khwaja Moeenuddin’s classic PTV theatrical play, Ta’leem-e-Balighan, brilliant character-actor, Mehmood Ali, playing the old-school village ‘master’, tells his nalaiq students, personified by equally versatile actors Subhani ba Yunus and Qazi Wajid that “Bachcho! Zer-e-ta’leem se pehley wao laganey se wazir-e-ta’leem ban jata hai!”

This classic dialogue comes to mind, when one listens to the khari khari vocabulary of our newest Punjab Minister of Information from PTI, Fayyazul Hasan Chohan, when he is conversing (for the want of expression!) with the media. His innovative abusive lingo left the press and general media totally stunned. Becharay press waley! Unko sanp soongh gaya. Of course, they had never encountered such uninhibited language in their entire careers!

But, education is not the actual muamla here, but ‘Ittila’at!’ Wah, kya information provide kee hai, bhaee! Wringing ears still echo those wordings. The media had gone at the presser for some Pee Tea Aai, but they got extremely High Tea! It was too a-chainak, umm, achanak to take any precautions!

Moreover, mausoof ne iss press talk ke ba’ad guilty feel kiya, to farmaya ke mera buss chaley to Nargis ko Hajjan bana doon, aur Megha ko teen mah rozay rakhwaoon!”

Both Nargis and Megha are film and theatre actresses but Mr Chohan wants to bring them to seedha rasta, when both giggly girls have already come to the right path. Nargis has left theatre, and never wants to go back! Similarly, Megha is now leading a meaningful life as a social activist.

So, too late, Chohan Sahab! You probably didn’t have the information!