With regards to innovation, comparison between the 90s and now would have been impossible once upon a time. From taking selfies via web-based networking media to putting money on our telephones, the tech transformation from two decades have changed the manner in which we live until the end of time. Technology transformation has been a massive turn in our world. Starting from mobile phones, how we used to get nutsy about having our first wireless phones and played games like Snake and Space Invaders in it has now changed with a smart phone, as we spend hours scrolling newsfeed in different apps, ordering food to online banking we have it all covered in it.

Not only phones but music has also become portable in our little devices, from heavy Walkmans and CD players to sleek iPod and mp3 players have changed the way we enjoy music!

We would never watch a show in peace when we had a big television at home but now the trend of consuming entertaining content has shifted to laptops and tablets. We can now binge onto our favourite TV shows anytime and anywhere. Agreeing with Google now, we can get any information with just a click using the fastest internet speed of WiFi; when in older times, it was so hard to even dial up the internet.