Facebook tests 'things in common' label to connect non-friends


Facebook wants more people to discover things they have in common with the other two billion people on its social network. When you read through a public conversation like on a brand or publisher page, Facebook will highlight things you have in common with non-friends who have left comments. So under someone's name, you might see the labels that indicate it.

Other things the label might highlight: if you're both a part of the same public Facebook group, or if you work for the same company but are not Facebook friends. It will show you the similarities in the comment’s thread. Facebook claimed that the idea is to spark connections people might otherwise pass over.

Snapchat adds musical GIFs

Get ready for a fun new option in Snapchat. The photo sharing app has partnered with TuneMoji which will enable users to send musical GIFs that play a snippet of a chosen song along with the moving image.

This new process will add another, fun element to the snap process, and is one of the first Snap Kit integrations, enabling third-parties to build on Snap’s platform. The capacity to add digital stickers to Snaps will bring wider exposure to TuneMoji, which could lead to further integration with Snap in future.

In order to use a musical GIF, you first need to have both TuneMoji and Snapchat installed. After that, you need to search within TuneMoji, then share your chosen musical GIF to Snapchat and enjoy!

Twitter Implements New API Restrictions

Many users could look to switch to alternatives as Twitter moves to tighten control over the way its data is used, various third party tools have lost some of their functionality, and may not work how you’ve come to know them. One of the most prominent of these is TweetBot.

Now, it’s not truly ‘the end’, most of the functions of such apps will remain. Because Twitter will be disabling the public interface the timeline stream will be refreshed in every 1-2 minutes and push notifications as well as messages will be delayed for a minute. It definitely will squeeze their capacity as the tools will become a little less useful for the users.