Take It Off Your Txt

  • 14 Oct - 20 Oct, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
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Hello! Please publish an interview of Hamza Ali Abbasi. He is my favourite. Pls!! Unsa frm Lahore

MAG is the best. I love the fictional stories because they are full of suspense and twists. Keep it up guys! Meesha from Quetta

I loved reading Shaheer Khan’s interview. The guy seems interesting. Good job MAG! Murtaza frm Karachi

Please interview Saba Qamar, she is one of my favourite actresses and I am her biggest fan Athar frm Lahore

Please tell me how I can get my poems published in your magazine? I love the content you guys print. Keep it up! Leena frm Islamabad

The piece by Ishrat Roomani was a great read. Our poets and writers should be acknowledged for their work. Great job MAG! Fariha from Karachi