E-Scooters: A Ride to the Future


E-Scooters have been in the youth’s limelight for nearly two decades and now Bird has launched its Electric Scooter ‘Lime and Spin’, the two- wheeled motor board. The Lime and Spin can carry an adult weighing up to 200 pounds at a maximum speed of 15mph and comes with a rechargeable battery option. It can easily be used to cover small distances. For instance roaming around in a big campus is a difficulty, so your E-scooter will come to the rescue!

Sidewalks especially in the crowded urban centers aren't ideal for large vehicles that move at a speed far faster than people can walk, but you can adjust the speeding with the device attached with it. The handles and the design are sleek, and comfortable, and this can be a very smart invention for the youngsters who don’t like to travel to long distances.