Royal & Regal

All that glitters, certainly is gold. Or silver, for that matter. The arrival of the cooler season announces an atelier’s exploitation of heavy embellishments, crafted embroidery, mixing and layering of fabrics to tell a regal tale. Faith is restored in the magical manifestation of gold and silver ensembles, decked in glinting sequences, crystals and stones, braving bolder cuts. Gold ensembles boast a silver roadmap of embellished floral patterns, singing a regal decadence reminiscent of royal fashion. Moonstone hued garbs manifest garlands of vintage embroidery, pearl-studded embellishments, and sequenced tassels trailing down the front. Traditional silhouettes are revamped and traded for more contemporary cuts. Heavy crafted shirts flaunt billowing net ghararas for bottoms, aligned with intricate stone and pearl works. Vintage, gemstone studded chokers are the favoured choices of accessories, while make-up is kept as minimal glam, to not wash the impact of heavy ensembles. In the current season for traditional wear, more is definitely more, with blinding glow this time. 

Hair, make-up & styling: Shoaib Khan
Designer: Asifa & Nabeel
Photography: Azeem Sani
Model: Rabia Chaudhry