Finally, a cylindrical smartphone

Tech Review

Foldable phones? Yes, they are on the way now. But what about a cylindrical smartphone? MagicScroll is developed by researchers at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, which is not just a cylindrical touch screen device, in fact, it can unfurl into a 7.5-inch OLED display that, while a little flimsy when you poke at it, is still fully functional. This combined with physical dials on either end that can be used to scroll the device while in cylinder mode makes for devices is certainly unique. The MagicScroll is just a prototype, with its screen cobbled together from two smaller LG G Flex 2 displays, given how it doesn't appear to do anything useful, particularly well, at least not in this form. Taken a bit further, you can almost imagine how a device like this could be practical from that level of engineering. So, in the meantime, enjoy the glowing rectangles.

Google admits changing phone settings remotely

Google has apologised after Android smartphone users noticed that the battery saver setting was remotely activated last week without their consent. The battery saver affects how often apps update and work in the background. The apology further explains that they were conducting an internal test that was ‘mistakenly’ rolled out more widely. The affected devices appeared to be running the Android Pie operating system. Battery Saver can also delay notifications and stop location services when the device is not in use, in order to preserve power. Apparently, they have now rolled battery saver settings back to default. Not only this, but other brands of Android devices were also mentioned and affected by the rolled out changes, including the Essential Phone, which was designed by one of the creators of Android.

China blocks Twitch

Video game-streaming service Twitch has been completely blocked in China. Since September 20, Twitch's website has been inaccessible in the country and its app has been removed from the local Apple App Store. Twitch has confirmed that it is being blocked but it has not said why the authorities have imposed the restriction. The service was cut off shortly after enjoying a significant bump in popularity among Chinese gamers. The streaming service had been gaining a larger following in China over the last few months. Many keen gamers flocked to it in late August to watch eSports matches being played at the Asian Games. No official statement has been released by Chinese authorities to explain why Twitch has been blocked. The steady shutdown of access to Twitch was logged via social media in China.

‘Nintendo Diablo III’ due in November

Good news for all the Nintendo players. One of the most beloved dungeon crawler video games Nintendo Switch: Diablo III is due for a console re-release later this year. According to the developer Blizzard, the game is now set to be available for Switch players from Nov 2 onwards, six years after the original PC release. The new Eternal Collection will include all of the game's expansions. Up to four players can compete in a group against the demon hordes, and other enemies either online, in a couch co-op or with locally-connected consoles. The connection has been expanded wirelessly across to maintain the game-play action.