Bait Al Malaky Mandi

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  • 06 Oct - 12 Oct, 2018
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

After exemplary culinary success of the Arabic restaurant in its native region of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Bait Al Malaky Mandi sprouted its branches further to Sharjah, Ajman and Ukraine. At present, the restaurant chain is testing waters and taste buds in Karachi. In palatial premises located at Boat Basin and Sindhi Muslim, the restaurant spells regal; from costumed wait staff to carpeted-floor dining areas and hospitality. We were ushered into a secluded carpeted expanse and rested against bolster pillows, which most Asians are familiar with as gao takiya. Many may find discomfort sitting on floor and having their meal, but if you have signed up for having Arabic delicacies, you might as well go native all the way. Steaming hot mutton yakhni (broth) was served at the start, setting the mood for the feast ahead. Bait Al Malaky Mandi has an extensive mandi menu, serving both, chicken and mutton mandi as madbi, burma, madfoon and madghoot; which are various techniques of preparing the Arabic dish. I ordered mutton and chicken Madbi Mandi, with flavoured pulau (pilaf) rice and plain rice. Other picks were beef barbecue and Hamour Fillet Grill. All dishes are quintessential of the purely exotic Arabic cuisine, with slight improvisation in the recipe to make them viable for the spice-loving Karachiites. The mandi delivered authentic flavour, with fragrant spices and savoury hints of garlic and cinnamon. Aromatic slow-cooked meat made for tasty morsels. While mutton was perfectly done and juicy, chicken was slightly charred which tampered with its overall flavour and was off-putting. I found the beef barbecue firmer in texture and bland in taste with little spice-offering for taste buds badly craving it. Then again, the recipe was characteristic of traditional Arab flavour and many would still enjoy it. Highlight of the feast was Hamour Fillet fish, which seamlessly shreds as you touch it and melts tastefully in mouth, delivering a perfect spice-to-salt ratio. Although my colleague found the fish slightly raw, the dish proved victorious for me. We were skeptic about the dessert, kanafah. Doused in sheera (sugary syrup), kanafah’s creamy filling and rough texture was a delectable, sugary overload, making it the most interesting sweet dish I have ever tasted. Heavy creamy cheese sealed the deal and filled us all to the brim.

Location: Block # 7, Scheme 5, Clifton, Boat Basin, Karachi.
Average cost for 2: PKR 1,800-2,000 approx.


Albeit exotic, Arab food is not everyone’s cup of tea, or let’s say plate of steaming, spice-fragrant mandi. Like Lebanese food, you may develop taste buds for it or not at all, if you don’t appreciate the culinary taste. If you are into culinary experimentation and want to experience it the Arab style, go for it. You will not hate it.

Rating: 4Stars


You can dine the traditional way sprawled on carpeted floors in seclusion or the conventional seating arrangements on a table. Lounging in spacious space, against bolster pillows and beautiful carpet adds a flavour of its own.  Plus points for large frame artwork on the walls.

Rating: 4Stars


Dressed in black Arab apparels, the wait staff was affable and readily helps a first-time, confused diner through the menu.

Rating: 4Stars


With big chunks of meat topping steaming tray of long-grain rice and barbecue, there is not much which can be done about the presentation. All courses were served with large slices of cucumber and tomatoes.

Rating: 4Stars


A single tray of mandi can serve over two people, maybe more. The barbecue and fish dishes are marginally highly priced compared to what a local eatery is offering, but for the ultimate Arabic experience, I feel it’s worth it.

Rating: 4Stars