• 06 Oct - 12 Oct, 2018
  • Farheen Jawaid
  • Reviews

The idiot spy who knows nothing and still wins is back in Johnny English Strikes Again. This time though, the jokes might not be the freshest but they are in abundance.

Johnny English movies were never that striking with its names – the first one was called Johnny English (2003), then Johnny English Reborn (2011) and now Strikes Again.

The movie begins when all spies presently working for British Intelligence Agency MI7 are exposed in a cyberattack, leaving the present Prime Minister of UK (Emma Thompson) no option but to call back all retired MI7 agents. Along with English three other senior members (Charles Dance, Michael Gambon and Edward Fox in a cameo) were called back to duty, but as in English’s usual style he unintentionally renders them useless.

Without any option, English is reassigned with Bough (Ben Miller), his partner from the first part and then onwards it is a constant battle between high-tech vs traditional spying. English, with his petrol consuming vintage Aston Martin throws away MI7’s smartphone (which really was just a smart phone), and arms himself with an assortments of sleeping and cranking up pills, explosive cotton swabs and a gun before he and his partner are sent to uncover the mystery of the hacking.

In his spy game, English meets a Russian spy (Olga Kurylenko), who he thinks is anything but one (in typical English style, when he is told she has three passports with three different names, he explains that she might have remarried, hence the three names).

Atkinson at age 63, shows he still has the skills that aren’t anywhere near close to dulling. With effortless proficiency he pulls off physical comedy in his trademark bumbling way.

Johnny English Strikes Again, though, is not as blessed with a better story like Reborn, however the skits just keep coming and they are more than enough of them to fill an evening of silly and funny escapism.•