• 13 Oct - 19 Oct, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

This fashion week, there were many who made us raise our eyebrows with their impeccable taste on the red carpet, while few made us shake our heads in dismay. Bringing you a list of fashion offenders and fashion stars, here are our hot picks.

Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat achieved the ultimate level of chic with the way she paired her top! Gold diamonte-lined pants complemented the statement block-printed shirt well. Her infinity waist belt held the look together, so did her shimmering accessories.

Bilal Ashraf

Good height, check. Handsome face, check. To-die-for physique, check. There’s little that can take down Bilal’s sex appeal. Here, the dimpled boy plays safe and goes for a classic black suit and deep brown printed tie.

Anusheh Shahid

Anusheh followed the call of Grecian times with a beautiful silk drape dress by Shehla Chatoor. The coin and pearl drop earrings by Kaia Fine Jewellery, fringe details on the sleeves, and chain and pearl belts further cement her look in the fashion hall of fame!

Tooba Siddiqui

The petite actress and model proudly flaunted a reapet-outfit on day-1 of the fashion week. Tooba paired her glitter, geometrically-striped jumpsuit with deep red pout and subtle silver eyes. If all your outfits are this gorgeous, we wouldn’t mind you repeating them at all!

Ayesha Toor

How can anyone have a bad day wearing an HSY creation? Ayesha kept her make-up on the minimal side and tied her tresses in a chic side bun, as the embroidered full length, front-open coat took the centre stage.

Mansha Pasha

HSY was a popular choice for the red carpet, or so it seems. The actress turned heads at the fashion week in another embellished creation by the ace designer. The high side slit sheer shirt in nude tone brought out Mansha’s lovely beige skin tone, while the eccentric ear pieces by Esfir just added to the her beauty.

Natasha Baig

The Jawab-e-Shikwa crooner, who is mostly seen in long, flowy skirts and shirts, brought her A-game to the red carpet in this HSY floral printed skirt matched with a simple black tee. Natasha accessorised her look with tribal and boho jewellery, making it stand out from others.

Salima Feerasta

I think it’s safe to say Salima’s attempt at sari ala Sonam Kapoor failed. The blogger gave her touch and draped the Chapter 2 sari around jeans and tank top. The jeans are longer than required and the draping doesn’t work at all, making the silhouette look unflattering. Had she paired right kinda jeans with an embellished jacket, may be.

Dino Ali

This is hardly a surprise coming from him. Dino wore a customised jeans jacket by Bespoken. The jacket, while fun on its own, doesn’t quite go with the rest of his outfit, especially the rugged brown boots which don’t belong in the first place. The look leaves much to be desired.

Frieha Altaf

We often wonder when Frieha is going to start dressing her age. Her knee-high dresses and unflattering cuts make her the most frequent captive of the fashion police. Here too, the media mogul can be seen in an aweful footwear and a printed short dress. Don’t know what on earth she was thinking while stepping out to attend fashion’s big night.

Hira Hussain

There are so many things wrong with this look, we don’t even know where to start from. Firstly, could the ironing of this outfit be any worse? The cuts and lengths of the top and the pants doesn’t work at all. Plus the nude heels and net on the sleeves totally clashes with the white lace trimming on the trousers and embroidery on the waist.

Zhalay Sarhadi

This was one HSY creation that did the opposite of working for the actress. We think she was aiming for a goth look, who knows. The neckline just doesn’t seem to belong, the sour raspberry shade doesn’t really say ‘goth’ and the hem of the shade as well as the black trimmings make it look unfinished.