Celebrity Crush Of The Week - Aagha Ali

The biggest perk of being you?

I am a simple guy who I love to death. I see so many other actors confused about what to wear even just to go out or what to wear to the airport. I keep it simple, and the simplicity I have is probably the biggest perk of being me for me.

Best part of the day for you is?

Honestly it's around 12am. That's when I'm in my gym (in my house if I'm in the city).

What are you currently listening to?

The tracks from the album I’m working on which have been planned to release this year. Also have two music videos to shoot so these days I’m only listening to my own songs.

If stuck on an island, you would...

Stay stuck. I like being on my own.

The last photograph you took was?

Around two hours ago I took a selfie for my fans.

Life for you is...

A chance to prove you were born for a reason. Find it, achieve it, do it… before it's your time to leave; impress no one, but Allah. That's all that'll help in the end. The rest won't matter.

Best memory to-date is...

Whenever I see my Maa and Feesa (Nafisa my sister) laughing, and if I'm the reason behind it, than that memory is the most cherished one.

Best vacation memory of yours?

It is yet to come. I was 17 and I started working and earning as I had to support myself and the family. I'm turning 30 this year and I have planned a single vacation till date. My Maa and Feesa recently went to Dubai for a vacation and had a wonderful time; that's my vacation to be honest.