Band Khirkiyan - One Dimension!

Phir wohi! I don’t know why they cook half-fried characters?

Once again, after some episodes of Band Khirkiyan, I am trying to avoid following it! No, seriously, today our drama characters create only one-dimensional, one-tone personas. A few weeks back, I made the same observation about Saba Faisal’s role in Ishq Tamasha, and now, you just see how episode after episode, the novelty of a different character for Ali Agha has turned it into a vehicle for the monotone!

The problem is that after four episodes, all the layers of the characters are exposed. Nothing new is left to reveal in the next twenty qistain! Of course, one or two intelligent writers have that talent, like Umaira Ahmed etc, to keep the suspense going. As in O' Rangreza, Dar Si Jati Hai Sila etc. In Aatish, there is a dark secret you know will haunt the lead artistes in the climax. But, largely, it’s no Strings Theory! Just limited dimensions!

To make things worse, Ali Agha has been directed in monotone. If there’s a change, it’s just momentary. Sarah Khan has that natural talent to counter this problem with gestures, expressions, eyes etc. But, Agha has to be guided better, since he has a very few serials in his kitty.