Shabnam - Will It be Like Old Times!

It’s not exactly old news that the brilliant and senior film artist, Shabnam, is in Tinsel Town, these days! She’s been here quite a few times before, and her visit has been an event. The only difference this time is that she is acting in a top-digit TV serial, being shot in bungalows in Lahore!

Will she pass the test?

Important question, because from amongst those seniors, who have been working in dramas since the last two decades, many have failed to make their mark. Artistes like Bahaar, Nisho, Sangeeta, Deeba, Saiqa etc. al haven’t been able to achieve the star status in serials. Whereas, the male lot like Nadeem, Ghulam Mohyuddin, Javed Sheikh, Munawwar Saeed and others have done much better. So, will Shabnam bewitch the audiences enough to stay on?

The serial she is starring in is titled Mohini Mansion kee Cindrellaen! If I am not mistaken, it’s the production of Fasih Bari. Whatever it is, the senior film actress could be needed to show her impeccable talent. One must remind oneself that those dreamy days of the Sixties won’t come back. It’s the second millennium. But, just to recall, didn’t Shabnam and Babra Sharif bewitch people alongside actors, who were ten to twelve years younger to them? Who can forget Shabnam with Faisal Rehman in Naheen Abhi Naheen? In Dooriyan, she hardly looked Faisal’s mom. Then, Shabnam and Izhar Qazi, and Ismail Shah, in Love in Nepal etc. She has a grace that beats time. So, let’s hope for the best from her!