Sarmad Khoosat - Full of Missionary Zeal!

Those who watched live streaming of No Time To Sleep – where Sarmad Khoosat played Prisoner Z, a death row prisoner – could not bat an eyelid for the entire duration of 24 hours. Those, who flitted to different channels for news, or even entertainment, came back several times to get a check on what was happening with poor Zulfiqar Ali, who was innocent, but was kept on death row, until the time he passed away, having suffered from cancer.

Death came earlier than demise from hanging!

Through this performance, Sarmad has shown that he breeds missionary headlines. For a whole day, he kept on cue for his vision. His detractors may say he has a few flaws in his workings, as I thought his Manto missed out on certain aspects of the legend! But, by gosh, he makes up for it with his commitment to acting. He takes up challenges with that infectious smile of his. This one, No Time to Sleep is an angle that needs no outer limits. Live feed means Sarmad tries to embrace the last-day soul of an innocent man, and lives Zulfiqar’s last hours in this material world.

Kanwal Khoosat had directed the live stream. Irfan Khoosat played Zulfiqar’s father. Their small unit accomplished a really great job!