Kangana to make her directorial debut soon

Kangana Ranaut has a lot more going on than her acting projects. The actor, who is already turning producer with Manikarnika, is also set to make her directorial debut. According to a report, Kangana will start working on her directorial debut titled Teju once she is done with the former, which she claims is "30 per cent over". The Queen star shared, "That film (Teju) is under the process. I will start it only after Manikarnika. It will be a nice journey, I am looking forward to it. It is a children’s film, and I have a lot of ideas and excitement for it. But it will be a difficult project to pull off." Kangana will also be acting in the movie as an 80-year old woman.

About preparing for the character's looks, she said, "Yes, we are going to use prosthetics, special effects, body double, all kind of techniques." Kangana has definitely taken on a challenge with this one. Working with children in movies is definitely not an easy task and she agrees. "Kids are very hard to handle!" Kangana said, adding, "I like children, but to work with kids... oh God."