Craft Stories

A Project of Huma Adnan & UNHCR, Craft Stories is all about the jewellery line

In collaboration with the UNHCR Refugee Agency in Pakistan, Huma Adnan showcased a stellar collection called Craft Stories, at an exclusive UNHCR event held at Serena Hotel in Islamabad.

With a vision, passion, and talent soaring high, Huma and UNHCR joined forces to work towards the betterment of refugees residing in Pakistan and assist them in earning a respectable living for themselves.

Huma is known for representing and honouring Pakistan’s roots and culture, thus skill trainings were provided to the refugees by her and the master team in order for them to be able to create the alluring statement jewellery pieces. From choosing the threads, to the motifs, the colour schemes, designs, and indigenous crafting techniques, each and every aspect was handled with finesse and elan by these diligent women.

“I have always been one to empower and encourage women with the will to follow their aspirations,” said Huma. “This time round, I have truly added a part of my soul in doing so by involving these hard-working women in creating a whole new jewelry line, fabricated with love & care. I believe we, as fashion influencers, have the potential to start new economic cycles and as my brand utilises indigenous crafts from different parts of the world, I became very excited and took the challenge to polish their craft, and train their business acumen, and the result is in front of you.”

The event was executed by Catwalk Event Management and Productions and PR was handled by Catalyst PR and Marketing in the support of renowned influencers and familiar faces from the world of showbiz.