Letters to the Editor

“Only a mediocre person is always at his best.” – W. Somerset

Currency crash

In the last week, Pakistan suffered a record breaking plunge of Rs 10, against the US dollar. As informed by the Federal Information Minister, the currency crash happened due to the heightened gambling against the Pakistani rupee and also owing to an illegal capital flight from the country. As gambling is considered a crime in the country and is also an offence in Sharia law, why is the government not converging efforts to catch the people who are gambling against Pakistan rupee? And why is it not tracing the large sums of money stashed illegally abroad? It is high time that the government stop making emotional and sentimental promises to the public and works on treating this economic crisis.

Hania Jadoon,

Incorrigible habits

Most Pakistanis who indulge in chewing ghutka and paan have this incorrigible habit of spitting anywhere they wish to. This is not only ill-mannered and revolting, but it also raises health hazards and social inconvenience for people. Roads, walls and public areas are spattered with this menace, as there is no functional law to prohibit them from doing so. It is high time the government passes stringent rules to combat the worsening situation, for this must stop now and people doing so be fined by the traffic police.

Laila Hanif,

The burden of school fees

More than 95 per cent of non-private schools oblige the mid-cum-low wage groups charging expenses extending between Rs 1,500 and Rs 5,000 every month. A large number of them contrast with the best institutions and don't bargain on the standard and quality of education. It is these institutions that are teaching the majority. Therefore, educational cost charges ought to be topped correspondingly. These schools offer white collar class and low-wage families an option in contrast to the inexorably broken down government educational system. Considering just the parents’ clamour against rising educational cost charges and disregarding the purposes for those raises is uncalled for. The topping of low-wage tuition based school charges will cause a decrease in the quality of training and education.

Areeba Nasir,

Automating traffic system in Lahore

Regardless of the incalculable amount of money settled for the infrastructural projects by the Punjab government, the chaotic traffic congestion in Lahore is still far from being resolved. Numerous reasons have accelerated the already miserable traffic conditions. Even with a consistent rise in fuel prices, the traffic witnesses no relief. Major streets like Canal Road, Mall Road and Ferozepur Road were considered wide enough to bear a fluent traffic movement even at peak rush hours. But now it has all gone in vain. It is therefore necessary to analyse the traffic conundrum in the city and the causes that have led to a stark increase in traffic on the roads. The expanded traffic congestion is not only generating public frustration and impatience, but has also become an economic hurdle.

Ayesha Aleem,