A beaming high-school-girl grin, cheerful disposition, remarkable acting prowess and poise for the camera’s eye, Azekah has the knack for it all. Making her maiden cinematic appearance with the horror film Pari earlier this year, Azekah has lit a tell-tale spark. The young starlet marked her first steps into the industry with the drama serial Chotti for Geo. Then came a segue of acting projects where she stepped into many lead roles, including a pampered Noor in Noor Jehan, a brainwashed daughter in Faraib, an innocent Saba in Balaa. The actress has also made appearances in the commercially successfully dramas Anabiya, Aao Laut Chalein, Sirf Tum to name a few.
As the actress gears up for her next dramatic venture Cheekh, MAG sits down with the starlet for a light and fun rapid fire.

Your most memorable moment?

When I took a gold medal in school. I think a lot about school. Those were really good days.

The scariest moment?

Pari the film's premiere [smiles].

You are most nervous when?

While shooting the first scene of any new project.

You feel most comfortable and satisfied when?

When I'm by myself, doing anything on my own terms.

First celebrity crush?

It would be Christiano Ronaldo.

A celebrity you wish to work with in future projects?

I wish to work with a lot of people. But I would love to work with Sami Khan.

Your favourite colour/s?

Yellow and gold.

If you were stranded on an island, you would?

I would survive! [laughs]. I love those survivor shows on TV and I've learnt some great techniques watching them.

Your craziest fan encounter?

Not crazy, they were all amazing.

If you had the choice to wake up as someone else one morning, who would it be?

I wouldn't want to be anyone else! I love my life.

If not an actor, what would you choose as an alternative career choice?

Even for this moment, I can’t really imagine doing anything else.

If you get to choose being stuck in an elevator with someone, who would you want it to be?

No getting stuck in an elevator! I get claustrophobic.

If you would want to change an aspect of your appearance, what would you change?

Well it's not really difficult changing your appearance anymore, [laughs]. But I would like to be taller.

If you get to be invisible, you would?

If I was invisible I would go places where I can't normally go.

Your three magic wishes are?

Change my eye colour, grow taller, have a perfect body and never grow old. They are four now!

A superpower you want?

Shape shifting, I would become anyone I want and probably play pranks on people.

If made president for one day, what would you do?

If I was the president for a day I would take climate change very seriously. I would also take drastic measures to make the beaches of Karachi clean and beautiful again.

The most embarrassing moment?

It makes me laugh now just thinking about it. Well, it was my first project and this senior actor would tell me every single day in front of the entire team that I would never be an actor. I didn't act for the next three years!

Your biggest phobia?

Acrophobia! I am also very scared of water and cyber bullying.

Your idea of an ideal man?

One who is intellectual.

If you were to author your autobiography, what would be the title?

It would be 'The Drama in My Life'.

If they were to make a movie on your life, which actress would you like to play your character?

A movie on my life sounds very interesting. I’d like Sajal Aly to play my part.

Your favourite actor?

Tom Cruise. And Sami Khan from Pakistan, amongst many, many more.

Your favourite co-star?

It would be Saba Qamar, she’s an exceptional artiste and an amazing human being.

A drama and movie you recently watched?

I watched the drama Balaa. The Nun, the movie. I love horror films.

Extroverted or introverted?

Definitely an introvert!

Summers or winters?


It’s mountains or beaches for you?

It’s both mountains and beaches for me, actually.

Your definition of an ideal woman?

In my opinion, an ideal woman is someone who is independent, elegant and classy.

You can’t live without?

Can't live without my family.

What is the one thing you can’t forgive anyone for?

I wouldn't forgive lies told to me and if someone tries to cheat me in any way.

You get emotional when?

Sigh, I'm always emotional.

A beauty regime you swear by for your hair and skin?

Fish oil for hair and homemade fruit masks for skin.

Your workout regime?

I work out six days a week.

How would you define your style sense?

Very laidback and casual. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of person.

How do you unwind and relax after a tiring day?

I usually relax by meditating. It's necessary to keep my energy levels high.

A turn on for you?

Good music and good food.

What makes you impatient?

Nothing makes me impatient. I believe the first thing an actor learns is to be patient. We wait for hours and hours for a single shot or a scene, that helps us practice.

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt in life?

To believe in yourself because no one else would, unless you do yourself.

You’re addicted to?

I'm addicted to love. Love of my family, friends and fans.

Three words that describe you?

Optimistic, loving and caring.

One thing a woman should never do?

Women should never depend on anybody.

Men should never?

Men should never think of women as lesser beings.

A turn off for you?

Silly jokes and bad breath.

Something you are good at?

I'm good at hiding my feelings. Even though I'm really emotional but I've learnt how to stay composed.

Something you are good at?

I'm bad at lying, I somehow always get caught. I just can't do it.

How long does it take you to get ready?

I can get ready in maximum half an hour.

Is there something you would never wear?

I don't have a taste for skirts, long or short.

Favourite thing to wear would be?

Jeans and a T-shirt

A habit of yours that you like the most?

I'm a good listener and a good friend. I'm glad when my friends find it easy to talk to me and confide in me. I can take secrets to the grave.

A habit of yours that you dislike the most?

I am way too sensitive. I get emotional too easily. I am an over thinker, and that sucks.

Hair, make-up & photographer: Akif Ilyas