Gomez hospitalised after emotional breakdown

With this year’s World Mental Health Day having just passed, many celebrities shared their experiences with various struggles.

Now, singer Selena Gomez has opened up about undergoing treatment after suffering an “emotional breakdown”. The 26-year-old singer has been hospitalised twice in the past two weeks, reported Daily Mail.

The first incident occurred at Gomez’s home, following which she was taken to hospital where she stayed for a few days. Friends stated that she was “despondent and emotional” over her alarmingly low white blood cell count in relation to her kidney transplant. A number of days later though, The Wolves singer was re-admitted for the same reason. This time, however, her reaction was much worse. After being rushed to hospital, she “freaked out” and tried to leave, ripping the IV lines out of her arm. “She has had a tough few weeks and the panic attack in the hospital was the tipping point,” said a source.

Gomez was then taken to an East Coast psychiatric facility, where she is currently receiving dialectical behaviour therapy – an evidence-based psychotherapy designed to help people suffering from borderline personality disorder. The Wizards of Waverly Place star has received this kind of therapy earlier too.