Don’t ‘Skirt’ it, Wear it on!

Much like a pair of old blue denims, there is no pulling out skirts from the fashion scene. They somehow ‘skirt’ their way into every runway showcase, always evolving and fascinating. Be it in a simple and chic piece, in knee-grazing or maxi length, or making it a short, perfectly airy middle ground between the suffocating hotness of jeans or the casual attitude of shorts; skirts much like a dress, exude femininity.

Its styling options are endless: One can pair it with a slinky tank top, a no-frills T-shirt, or a modest cardigan. The versatile piece was beloved in the mid-to-late ’90s from the street to the red carpet, worn by the likes of Kate Moss, Winona Ryder, and, perhaps most famously, Gwyneth Paltrow, who immortalised the combination of a long garden-green Donna Karan slip skirt and barely buttoned blouse in 1998’s Great Expectations. In other words, don’t skirt the issue – grab one now for summer, fall and beyond!

Get the right length

Skirts are always trendy, but making the wrong choices can take away their glamour. The correct length of a skirt depends on your height. For instance, a maxi skirt should hit a couple of inches above the ankle. Extra-long maxis can be floor-length or barely touching the toenails. To ensure ease of walking, avoid floor-sweeping skirts. When trying one on, walk with your normal stride to see if it's comfortable.

Styling lesson

Styling a skirt involves the proper blending of colours and styles. Wearing it by day entails simple and neutral pairing. However, you can choose bright and stunning tops and accessories in warm weather. For a night out, pair with fashionable and attractive tops and accessories. You can match up with checked and simple colours for business occasions, small prints for formal events, and anything goes when going casual.

Topping it right

The options here are endless. A billowy skirt goes best with a fitting top, while a tight skirt pairs well with a loose top. A printed top is better paired with a solid coloured outfit, whereas a monotone top is perfect with printed skirt. With the winters you'll want to feel warm. Layering your top with a T-shirt inside will increase warmth. Choose a shirt with long sleeves. Another option is a chambray, tucked in, underneath a cardigan. You can also consider wearing a blazer. A patterned blazer looks great with a plain skirt, while solid-coloured blazers are better suited for business affairs. Try a glossy blazer and a loose skirt. For an all-season wearable option, pick a denim skirt to make you look elegantly casual. Most of them are lightweight and not too hot for day wear, making them great options for spring and fall.


Urwa Hocane’s choice of an off-shoulder asymmetrical top with long, ill-fitted sleeves doesn’t pair quite right with her silk flared Omrose skirt. Choose tops that will not overwhelm the look of the skirt! Even the Louboutins shoes couldn’t salvage the look.


Another white top over a skirt, but this one is a win, Deepika Padukone’s choice of a plain button-down blouse over her Sabyasachi floral crafted skirt works so well with her. Classic and chic, it’s an ace!