Lamhay Zara is - Finding Herself!

While watching the 35 episodes of the drama serial, Khamoshi, and enjoying its climax in June this year, I discovered what kept me entranced throughout is the tremendously sensitive and intense expression of this title girl, Zara Noor Abbas. Others also acted well, obviously, with Tauqir Nasir being a brilliant artiste. The aggressively emotional work of Iqra Aziz, too, was noticeable. But, studying the gradual ascendancy of this beautiful girl, Arsala (Zara) was something that made me realise that after a long while such a talented artiste is entering the local drama circuit!

For one thing, the way she conducted herself was stupendous, considering she was shouldering the main role in Khamoshi. Her expressions, her gesture scale, and the way she stayed away from melodrama, prophesied a glowing future for her. The writer and director of Khamoshi, Aliya Bukhari and Ilyas Kashmiri, played their part, but such sensitive forehead proves she is somebody special. Somebody, who could soon be listed with Saba Qamar, Mahira Khan, and Yumna Zaidi.

Now, critiquing her work in Lamhay, I am intrigued by her tackling of a role 180 degree different from the one in Khamoshi. While you could almost sense her steering herself against the odds there, Zara plays a vulnerable and slightly unsure girl in Lamhay. Again, she has surprised me with her skin-diving for this role. She absolutely lives it. Though I sense something deeper behind her eyes, but being a fine actress, Zara is advancing with every step she takes. If she is finding out that she isn’t just playing this role, then don’t fret. She is on her voyage of discovery!