26 Cooking Tricks to steal from the World’s Best Chefs

(Part 3)
  • 03 Nov - 09 Nov, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery

Don’t Cry Over Onions

“Put onions in iced water for 10 minutes before cutting them; this prevents them from causing your eyes to water.” – Angel Leon, Executive Chef at Seaspice Miami

Add a Drizzle of Olive Oil

“Take a note from Mediterranean dwellers and finish your dishes with a little drizzle of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil; it will make for a silky finish!” – Sydney Willcox

Get an Even Roast

“Be sure to rotate pans or trays in the oven: All ovens have hot spots, so spin your trays around halfway through their cooking time – and alternate racks, if you have multiple trays cooking.” – Willcox