An Embellished Episode

MAG’s Top Picks of the Week!

The editorial always has an eye out for the biggest trends out there. In this week’s edition we have our eyes on the coveted trend of everything-embellished!

1- A ditsy embellished clutch adds the needed oomph to your evening attire.

2- Pop on these jewelled embellished pieces on your ears and slay it with a statement.

3- Dust these glitter eye shadows on your eyes to wink glitter all night long.

4- Step out in the sunny streets, with these jewel-crusted shades.

5- Let your embellished necklace do the talking tonight. Shine bright in these gold florals!

6- Jump on the trend-wagon with these crazy, embellished phone cases!

7- Jewel-toned bracelet to fetch some bling!

8- Prance the night away in these trendy heels with minimal stone-work on the straps.