Fashion is always evolving and making strides on the runway, with influencers, designers and models following suit. Here’s taking a gander at some of the hautiest fashion impressions that have reigned throughout the seasons, and to date now.

Modest fashion

This has been a big year for modest fashion. Simplified as loose clothing, comfortable dressing and covering of the body according to person's own comfort, modesty is the now a ‘in-vogue’ commodity.

Bagging it in vogue

Oversized carryalls re-emerged on the fall 2018 runways, making life much easier for the woman on the go. Another trend to bag on is bags in unconventional shapes, with funky materials and stand-out details like fringe, feathers, and chunky chain handles.

Heading for headgear

Move over bandanas! Tis the season of scarves. Burrowing inspiration from Queen Elizabeth’s love affair with silk printed scarves, the whole world has caught up on the age-old trend, with scarves becoming the new coveted headgear styled in different ways.

Glitz and glitter

Leaving a trail of glimmering glitter everywhere. On the shoes, on the bags and the skirts; it is how things are made to sparkle in tinsel towns.

Beauty bandwagon

This year in beauty rendered a break from the ubiquitous smokey eyes, allowing make-up artists to experiment with hues of pinks, reds, greens and blues. And after the newly-crowned Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle declared olive green to be her favourite colour, greens were practically strewn everywhere!

Haute hats

Hats are no longer for summer road trips or picnics, they are singled out as a popular and trending high-street wear. Be it a Fedora hat or a Breakfast at Tiffany’s version!

Statement accessories

Diamonds maybe a girl’s best friend, but so are statement jewellery pieces. Pearls, gold ornaments and gem-stoned rings have been good picks. Thanks to this year’s Met Gala, we have finally acknowledged how stunning tiaras can look when worn just right!

Painted talons

It’s official! The fall nail trends for 2018 are full of bold patterns and creative features that will elevate any look. Flaunt a carefully curated set of stunning nail designs that range from avant-garde to subtle and chic. Wear the hue you rock best!