Facebook Messenger updates


Ever sent something you wished you hadn’t on Facebook Messenger? Whether it’s an embarrassing message or an even more embarrassing photo, according to the new tech buzz, Facebook Messenger is rolling out with an update, which will allow users to delete the messages from the chat. And it will be disappeared from both sides. Facebook’s other messaging app, WhatsApp, gives you a whole hour to decide if you want to take back a message, so it’s a little surprising that you’ll only have 10 minutes to make a decision with Messenger. Interestingly, when WhatsApp rolled out the feature in 2017, you had a mere 7 minutes to delete it, but the company extended the timeframe to an hour earlier this year.

WhatsApp update introduces ‘Vacation Mode’

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that could soon make your holiday a lot more peaceful. A new update will be enabled called 'Vacation Mode' that will completely mute group notifications. Until now, muting group chats only disables push notifications from the messaging app, meaning unread messages sill appear on the WhatsApp icon. According to the new update the group messages on WhatsApp will be sent to archives automatically so they do not appear anywhere on your phone screen. To enable the new Vacation Mode feature, WhatsApp users will need to mute a group chat and then archive it. Once this is done, the Vacation Mode can be selected to ensure that any future messages from that group don't cause any disruption.

Shazam hooks up with Instagram Stories

Shazam’s latest update for iDevices lets you add songs to Instagram Stories in a few taps. Version 12.3 of Apple-owned Shazam landed recently, and the new feature is super-simple to use. All you do is Shazam a song in the usual way to identify it, tap on the three dotted share button at the bottom of the display. You’ll then see a list of options that now include Instagram Stories. Select it and your Story will display the name of the track, the artist, and how many Shazams it has received to date.